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Headington Medical
Technology Limited

HEADINGTON MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY LTD, is a leading medical device manufacturing, marketing, and distribution company based out of Oxford, United Kingdom. Oxford has exhibited a proven track record of translating and commercialising its research through technology transfer and business development. Headington Medical Technology Ltd has a strategical partnership with Tascom Co Ltd, who has successfully developed SimplexTAS ™ which is portable laboratory analyzer for multi- parameter testing. SimplexTAS ™ unable healthcare professional to diagnose various diseases from patients move quickly and easily. More important it provides lab quality results by adapting the same principle and mechanism as laboratory clinical analyzer. Our mission is to enhance human Wellness and improve efficiency and value in healthcare by providing accurate and user-friendly products. Headington Medical is interested in working in partnership with you, please contact the teams here

+44 1865 701 635

34 Reliance Way, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2FU, United Kingdom

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SimplexTAS 101

SimplexTAS This is the new generation of immune-chemistry system which enables trained professional technician to perform quantitative measurements for multi parameters, consisting of simplexTAS Analyzer, Reagent Cartridges and its accessories, The user-friendly SimplexTAS is a compact and portable laboratory analyzer uses a small volume of blood and urine samples and is intended to be used for in-vitro diagnostic use only.

The built-in centrifuge of the analyzer and patented reagent cartridge structure make SimplexTAS system more accurate and reliable. Its automated test process also enables users to carry out multiple simultaneous tests for a different simples in 13 minutes. The analyzer is designed and optimized for use especially in primary healthcare sites by transferring test results to a PC or being connected with HIS/LIS systems. The built-in thermal printer prints out the test results whenever you want. The user interface with a large touch screen enables a variety of settings to be personalized. Patient ID or operator ID can be typed manually or scanned by an external barcode reader. IQC (internal quality control) and QC lockout functions make users more reliable.

our services
+44 1865 701 635
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